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Sleep Experts Leaders

We are global leaders in sleep research and design

Our interdisciplinary Research & Development team of 30 people consists of engineers, material experts, product designers, and even neuroscientists. We are leading in sleep product design, as indicated by over 30 awards we have received globally by now. Our Sleep Research team itself is lead by Dr. Verena Senn, a neurobiologist who runs both our in-house and external consumer sleep studies.

Designed to improve
your sleep

Dr. Verenna Senn,

"Scientific studies show that by sleeping on a mattress that can absorb and remove heat more easily, the amount of deep sleep can be increased by 12%."

Ilya Ivkin,
Head of Product Development

"Our team of scientists and engineers use patented Black Diamond technology to design our Diamond Degree products."

Our dedication to sleep is rooted in science

Sleep is vital. We even spend 30% of our lives sleeping. By now, we understand that sleeping is essential for our health in general and, more specifically, for our immune system, but that’s not it. Research shows that sleep helps us process and handle emotional situations and helps us stay emotionally healthy. It is also well understood that it is crucial for learning new things, not only as a newborn or in our youth, but also as adults - research even shows that we could learn new things while sleeping. So, a great night’s sleep can do so much more for you and your life. Emma is here to awaken everyone to their full potential of sleep.
Sleep Experts Research

Investing millions into our own research

Emma is not yet another product company. What we do is rooted in our own research, diligent product testing and innovation. Our R&D team has an annual budget in the millions. For example, we have one of the most advanced testing labs for mattresses in the world. We have developed patented technology, which we are always bringing to our products. But we also run research internally as well as with external partners to identify potential, measure the impact and prove the benefit of our products for everyone’s sleep. We are constantly researching temperature regulation and will also publish research to the academic world in the near future. And if this is not enough, we have partnered with an eSports team to improve their performance through better sleep.

We designed the Emma Mattress for all the people who
don't want to worry about what's good, better or best.

It's simply perfect for everyone,
especially for YOU!

emma motion mattress


Delivering cutting-edge and award-winning products

We have developed the most advanced smart mattress in the world, the Emma Motion®, which includes an AI-based tracking that silently and seamlessly adjusts to your body during the whole night. We have created AirgoCell®, a foam that is extremely breathable with high comfort while maintaining very high durability. Or take our Diamond Degree® foam, which is infused with million graphite particles and is proven to dissipate excess heat much better than regular foam. With many of our products, we have won awards, among others the best-tested mattress at leading consumer organizations in many countries around the globe. But what really counts for us, is how many happy customers are enjoying their best sleep and are willing to share their honest feedback.

Emma Motion

Meet Europe's first intelligent mattress with AI technology that reacts n real-time to your changing sleeping positions to provide you with the perfect sleeping comfort.


Our breathable AirgoCell foam absorbs moisture and keeps air flowing through the mattress smoothly. You'll also stay cool all night, thanks to this wonderfully temperature-regulating and open-pored foam.


Our innovative graphite coating ensures a prolonged deep sleep phase through optimal temperature regulation. Thanks to heat-dissipating and touch-sensitive graphite particles, there is no more night sweat.


“This is an excellent hybrid mattress that gives the best of both worlds.”


“This is an excellent hybrid mattress that gives the best of both worlds.”


"The best mattress for regulating temperature”


“Best Mattress UK 2021”


"Extremely comfortable and supportive, sleeping on the new Emma mattress is like a dream. Can there be a better mattress than this?"


“This is as good as it gets”


"Substantial, firm mattress that provides the best night's sleep."


“There is no doubt that this is the UK’s leading mattress”


“Emma has managed to rise above the excellent competition in this area to be crowned best mattress”

Which? Consumers' Association, 2021

Wake up feeling refreshed!