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Free shipping and returns

We deliver all our products directly to your home without shipping costs. Once your mattress leaves our factory, it is ready to be shipped through our logistics partners. As soon as it has left the warehouse for your home, you will receive a tracking number and a confirmation email for each package.

Once delivered, your orders will always be located so you don't have to worry about when you will receive them. You can always follow the order to see its status and if there are any incidents. In case of any questions or changes in the shipping address, please contact us in advance.

Our mattresses come vacuum-rolled in boxes designed to be easily moved, taking up little space and being easy to transport and install once received.

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100% quality

Directly from Germany

When we say German Technology we are not only referring to our design, but literally our products come directly from Germany. For this reason, the logistics process is not always the fastest. But do not worry! Our team works every day in search of new solutions that allow us to reach you as soon as possible and give you the rest you deserve. Once your order is confirmed, you can be sure that the most awarded mattress in Europe is on its way to your home.